Saturday, August 10, 2013

Care Package Supplies

They're here!
Finally, my boxes came in today! I'm up and ready to get started on some awesome care packages. I have spent months researching and repining theme ideas via Pinterest and a few of my personal favorite military spouse blogs. With a few original boxes and some "borrowed" ideas I hope to make things as easier for him as possible from home and possibly even prevent some homesickness. Feel free to share more ideas with me and keep visiting so I can share mine with you! 
Below is a link on where I got the information to receive a "Mili-kit" from the USPS 
"The kit is free of charge and contains four Priority Mail APO/FPO flat-rate boxes (two medium and two large), one roll of priority packing tape, priority mail address labels, six customs forms, and envelopes. The kit may be requested by calling 1-800-610-8734."


  1. Gah! I love making care packages! I miss making them! I'm considering sending them to people I don't know through AnySoldier just so I can make them again! Have fun!

    1. That's a great idea! Especially during the holidays (which will be here before we know it! AH!). I'm almost done with my first decorated package and will be posting it soon :)

  2. Oh wow! I didn't realize you could request that stuff. I always had to make an extra trip to the post office for everything. This could have saved me some time. Good to know!

  3. It has seriously made things soo much easier for me! I actually came across it on Pinterest. It was so simple to just call, explain my situation, and they were on my door step in less than a week... Life saver!